Keep and Attract Members by Keeping Your Fitness Center Fit

One of the easiest ways to annoy, frustrate, and ultimately send members and prospective members running to different fitness center? Fail to keep your fitness center equipment in good working condition. After all, there’s nothing worse than planning a treadmill, elliptical or Stairmaster workout only to be greeted with an “Out of Order” sign. Because of this, fitness center equipment maintenance is a mission-critical endeavor for gyms in today’s intensely competitive fitness industry. Read more

Three Essential KPI for Managing Fitness Center Growth

Do you remember the technique your parents used to track your growth every year? If they were like many families, they measured you and marked your height on a door frame. More likely than not, they knew you were growing, so why did they take this extra step? Because they were looking for more than awareness of your growth. They also wanted to be able to visualize it in a meaningful way. The same principle applies to key performance indicators (KPIs). By measuring and tracking certain values, your fitness center can determine how effectively you’re meeting your business objectives. Read more

Keeping Sexual Harassment at Bay in Your Fitness Center

Sexual harassment is a significant problem in the United States. While we often think of this behavior primarily in workplaces, the reality is that it can and does happen everywhere -- including at fitness centers. 
Read more