We developed a wellness challenges program to make it easier to be more active, lose weight, have fun, and take that next step into a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Included?
  • Private label customized website hosted by Accuro
  • Private label customized app by Accuro
  • Member database to support registration process
  • Member database to support member sign-in process
  • Run multiple weight loss challenges simultaneously
  • Professional scale with built-in Wi-Fi and QR code to log weigh loss (Sold Separately)
  • In-App weigh verification with pass code by PT/Studio Manager /Administrator
  • Team challenges by Personal Trainer group within each club or national chain
  • Leaderboard provided to show top 5 member percent loss leaders
  • Leaderboard or team challenges projected to Studio / Club monitors
  • Individual member profile with graphically charted weight loss, total calories burned, personal best in weight and calories burned per day
  • Track member participation by attendance
  • Challenge program can be customized by Administrator
  • Easy to integrate with existing Member Operating system and Web site
Other Revenue Generating Opportunities
  • Heart rate projection
  • Heart rate monitors sold to members to capture heart rate projection
  • Individual private label Smartbody Scale sold to members to take home
  • Private label fitness trackers