Many people join gyms because they want to lose weight. However, this is far from the only goal that draws gym members, nor is it even the most important, according to a recent Precision Nutrition Special Report. In today’s intensely competitive fitness business landscape, knowing what your members want is essential to surviving and thriving. Here’s a closer look at the report’s key findings regarding people’s health and fitness goals for 2020.

What Do Your Members Want to Achieve?

After working with nearly 15,000 clients over a five-year period, data-driven nutrition coaching company Precision Nutrition has garnered useful insights into the current health and fitness goals of men and women. The findings might surprise you, especially if you’ve been operating under the premise that losing weight is the primary reason people join a gym. 

In fact, weight loss claims the fourth-place spot, behind looking and feeling better; staying consistent; and maintaining results. Rounding out the top 10 are more energy and vitality; control over eating; increased strength; added muscle; improved sports performance; and getting off medication. 

A key takeaway, according to the report is that “Most people want more than just weight loss. They want to make meaningful progress, and they want to maintain their results. Ultimately, they want change that lasts and are interested in learning how to achieve that.”

How You Can Help Your Members Achieve More

It’s also important to note that while the data may break the information down in simple terms, people are more complex than the data shows. For example, knowing that your members want to look and feel better is one thing; understanding why they want to look and feel better is another. 

“Often, there’s a more profound purpose driving the people who achieve amazing transformations. Left to their own devices, most folks might never even realize the real reason they want to change. But asking the right questions—so that they verbalize their ‘why’ — can allow them to tap into a powerful source of motivation,” continues the report. 

Man shaking hands with a person trainer in a gym.

Personal trainers can play an instrumental role in helping members get to the root of their reasoning, and to start moving forward in the right direction. Precision Nutrition coach Emily Beers shares an exercise she uses to help clients access their “deepest reasons.” Called the 5 Whys, conducting this five-question assessment can kickstart the process of understanding clients’ needs while also guiding the way. 

  1. Why do I want to change my eating and exercise habits?
  2. Why do I want to lose weight?
  3. Why do I want my clothes to fit better?
  4. Why do I want to feel proud of who I am?
  5. Why is it important to live a long, healthy life?

Beers encourages clients to work through the preceding five questions — and to continue to work through them — until they discover their own compelling reason. This isn’t necessarily an easy process for the individual or the coach. But for clients who are willing to dig deep and find their own “why,” the rewards — and results — make it a more than worthwhile endeavor.  

Once clients start progressing toward their goals, meanwhile, tracking progress with fitness monitoring technology can help keep them moving forward, which supports member retention. Request a demo today to learn what the Accurofit system can do for your fitness business.