More than two-thirds of employers in the U.S. offer corporate wellness programs, according to a report from Forbes. With good reason: Data reveals that for every dollar invested in employee wellness, companies see a return of $1.50. Certainly, this means big things for businesses, but it also means something else for health centers: Opportunities abound for boosting your membership by catering to the corporate market. 

Here’s a closer look at why your gym should consider offering a corporate fitness program, along with tips for getting started.

Overcoming the Unknown 

According to Club Industry

“The two largest hurdles keeping personal trainers and fitness managers from entering the corporate fitness world are fear and doubt—fear of the unknown (what is a corporate wellness program? How will I create one for corporate fitness?) and doubt (how do I get started in the corporate fitness world and become successful?).”

However, steering clear of corporate fitness may be costing your club significant growth opportunities — particularly when you factor in a major shift by companies to make corporate fitness initiatives part of their comprehensive business strategies along with the deep pockets of many businesses. The takeaway? While implementing a corporate fitness program may seem risky, the evidence indicates that it’s one of the best investments a health club can make.

Introducing a Corporate Fitness Program

Corporate fitness programs have the potential to be lucrative undertakings for any health club. However, adopting best practices can vastly increase your chances of success.   

For starters, due diligence is a critical part of introducing any new program at your gym. Reaching out to companies to determine basic information, such as the workplace environment and type of employees, which can help you pitch the most appropriate program to companies. Continues Club Industry

“The keys to creating your plan are personalization, adaptability, and finding the need of the company/individual so you can fill it.” 

Conversely, a one-size-fits-all approach is not only likely to fail but will do nothing to help you build real relationships with potential clients. 

But also be aware that just as you’re researching prospective corporate fitness program clients, they are likely to be researching you, as well. Put yourself in their shoes: Would you be more likely to choose to partner with a health care facility specializing in corporate wellness programs, or one with little information and/or experience in this area? In order to position your club in the former category, branding is crucial, including a web page and marketing materials designated for your corporate fitness program. 

That said, even the best branding and marketing takes time to produce results. Be persistent in your efforts to sign on new clients, but also be realistic about the fact that corporations function very differently than individuals do. While a person may walk into your gym and sign up for a membership on a whim, corporate clients will inherently involve a more intensive process before any decision is made or finalized. On the flip side, once they do make a commitment, it will be a significant one. 

The Retention Imperative

While closing a corporate deal is cause for celebration, your job is not done yet. Perhaps even more than individual members, corporate executives will want to be able to see that their dollars are well spent. Regular communication from your gym from weekly newsletters to daily workouts to weight loss challenges can help employees stay engaged toward better results. 

Which brings us to our next point: fitness tracking. Ultimately, the best way to show businesses that their investment in employee health and wellness is paying off is with results. Enter Accurofit technology. Wearable heart rate training, sleep and activity trackers, and Bluetooth pedometers are just a few of the products which can be used to boost employee engagement while simultaneously showing results to corporate decision-makers. Download the Catalog today to learn more about how Accurofit can help you launch and maintain a booming corporate fitness program.