Implement Profitable HR Program - Cover ImageAs professional trainers & coaches we are working at a time that our profession is integrating technology, science, the art of coaching and interpersonal relationship at a level never before seen in the history of sport performance and fitness. This means to remain relevant and competitive it is critical that we acquire as much functional knowledge and practical experience as we can in this integration to offer the best results for our clients and organizations. The goal of a true professional is to never be an expert, but to acquire expertise and remain current by being a life long learner.

When we think of ourselves as experts, we limit our ability to grow, learn and adapt. But if we take the posture of being open to constantly acquiring knowledge and skills, we become an incredible recourse to our clients and peers.

Heart rate based training in this modern environment, although not new, has been adopted at a massive scale by fitness enthusiasts and high caliber athletes/competitors and fitness facilities. One main reason is that heart rate based technology is now of very high quality and much more affordable that in the last decade. In fact, it is included in many device platforms and free applications. Another factor is the movement known as “The Quantified Self”, one definition is: Using biometric or body data to understand and improve your personal health and performance. Not long ago very few biometric streams of data were easily available and tractable. Now because of technological
advances and devices we can wirelessly collect weight, blood pressure, blood chemistries and heart rate, among others’, and actually use this information to understand and improve our personal health.

Technology and science have come together at a level and ease of access that most individuals out there are tracking something in the hope of improving their personal human experience. It is estimated that over half of Americans use a fitness tracker daily, yet very few people actually understand what the data they collect means and how to use it for their benefit. The part that is actually a great opportunity for life long learners in the fitness industry is that the overwhelming majority of professional trainers and coaches don’t understand or know how to use heart rate data themselves!

Measuring heart rate in fitness, performance and therapeutic environments is a very powerful and critical tool for understanding training and recovery loads to safely and efficiently achieve health & fitness goals. However, measuring heart rate alone is not a training aid in itself. Heart rate data is only really useful if the user and coach can correctly evaluate, understand and then apply the data it provides to the training process.

We’ve created this e-Book for you specifically for these key takeaways:

  • Heart rate data, along with other biometric data, is important for achieving personal health and performance goals.
  • Collecting heart rate data is not a training aid along. It is the understanding and interpretation of that data that has value.
  • Most people, including trainers and coaches, do not understand how to interpret and use heart rate data effectively.

Download today and set yourself apart from the average trainer and coach with your knowledge of heart rate technology and exercise science!