A Sioux Falls area fitness business focused on promoting bone strength just announced that it will add two new locations within the next year and a half. OsteoStrong representative Dr. Becky Bear told Argus Leader of the business’s expansion, “OsteoStrong is growing much faster than we have anticipated. Reception in Sioux Falls has been phenomenal.” 

OsteoStrong is not alone when it comes to succeeding in this niche fitness area. Here’s a closer look at the trend, why it’s taking off, and what it may mean for other enterprising fitness businesses. 

The Bone Strength Imperative

Osteoporosis, a disease that makes the bones weak and likely to break, is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. Currently, approximately 10 million Americans are living with the condition, while an additional 44 million are at increased risk due to low bone density, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Unfortunately, it’s also a “silent disease” because people can’t feel their bones weakening and therefore often aren’t even aware that they have osteoporosis until after they experience a bone break. 

There is some good news, however. It is possible to increase bone mass through certain lifestyle changes. This can help prevent and manage the disease. These include getting enough daily calcium and vitamin D, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, and consulting with a healthcare provider and taking osteoporosis medication, if necessary. Also on the list of ways to keep bones healthy? Physical activity. Specifically, the Mayo Clinic recommends weight-bearing exercise, including walking, jogging, and stair climbing, as a way to slow bone loss while building stronger bones. 

Promoting Bone Strength in the Gym

“Bone is under constant remodel. You’re constantly clearing out old bone and building new bone. The only way for the bone growth to outpace the bone loss is to continue with that high-impact loading stimulus,” continues Bear of OsteoStrong’s approach to boosting bone health. 

While OsteoStrong focuses exclusively on developing skeletal strength toward improved bone density, more general fitness businesses can also get in on the trend by introducing training sessions, workout classes, specialized equipment, nutrition and education classes, and other programming initiatives.  

For personal trainers, understanding the role weight-bearing exercises can play in building bone health can help them safely and effectively educate and train clients. Enthuses personal trainer Alison Marsh, “As fitness and wellness professionals we have a grand responsibility to educate our clients, communities, and selves about this literally bone shattering disease….We also have an opportunity to get more personal training clients by promoting the bone-building benefits of our personal training services!” 

Older woman working out at a gym with a trainer.

Given the skyrocketing senior population, introducing bone strength programming makes especially smart business sense. Says fitness equipment leader TRUE in identifying more fitness programs for older adults as one 2019’s top fitness trends, “Fitness programs are no longer just for athletes. Many brands and facilities are now catering a variety of their fitness programs and equipment to adults ages 50 and up….More people of all ages are discovering the benefits of living an active lifestyle, and health clubs especially are seeing increasing opportunity to develop within the market for older adults as the demand is increasing.”

Speaking of the top fitness trends for 2019, TRUE also highlighted wearable technology, which continues to be a compelling member retention and recruitment strategy.   Download the catalog today to learn how Accuro can help your fitness business gain a critical inside edge with innovative fitness monitoring technology.