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Ever felt like there was a better way to engage and educate customers? Small business owners are faced with a number of challenges. Staying engaged with the customers is just one of them.

Customers expect small businesses to be transparent nowadays, and you always need to communicate value and results. But time is money, and that’s money out of your pocket. You know you need to engage your customers in a way that allows them to feel comfortable buying again – but how do you do that?

On this episode of Local Business Hacks, Dave talks business and marketing with our guest, Aaron Eisberg, the CMO of Accuro, who tells us about the ways their products help fitness studios make money by tracking personal fitness results and motivating people to follow through with their programs.

Then, learn tips for the best ways to use social media, which is great for communicating your brand with customers and building awareness about your business. We talk about the need for transparency between businesses and customers during the pandemic.

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