More and more people are prioritizing eco-friendliness when choosing which businesses to support. The takeaway? If your fitness business hasn’t adopted eco-friendly practices, you may be falling short when it comes to keeping up with the competition. Here’s a closer look at the eco-friendly imperative, along with tips for helping your fitness business go green.

Why It Matters

The thought of making your gym more environmentally friendly can be an off-putting idea for one simple reason: Cost. 

As it turns out, however, attempting to save money by avoiding green updates can actually do more harm than good. Why? Because many of today’s consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service that’s good for the planet. Specifically, according to a report from SurveyMonkey, 35 percent of people are willing to pay more, while 56 percent of people are likely to pay more for sustainable choices. Concludes SurveyMonkey, “A majority of respondents would consider a higher price point for these products.” 

Meanwhile, the number of people who say they’d never consider paying more continues to drop. In other words, not only have more people started prioritizing green and sustainable products, but the trend is an ongoing one. Looking ahead to the future, we can expect more and more consumers to get onboard with eco-friendly options, and to expect the businesses they support to do the same.

Making It Happen

Talking about the benefits of going green is one thing. Transforming talk into action is another — especially if you’re conceptualizing a major overhaul at your fitness facility. While undertaking a green remodel may make smart sense if your budget allows, other fitness businesses may have cash flow limitations. 

Fitness business

The good news? Even minor changes can go a long way with your members, including the following:

  • Make it easy for your members to recycle by setting up accessible bins for bottles, cans, paper, and plastic.
  • Partner with green companies whenever possible for everything from sustainable, biodegradable, eco-friendly and natural yoga mats to organic sports drinks made with Fair Trade certified ingredients. 
  • Minimize paper use by implementing digital contracts and waivers. An added bonus? Less paper saves space while improving organization. 
  • While the hottest days may merit turning on the AC, other possibilities promote natural airflow, such as opening up your doors and windows on cooler days. Think of an open front door, meanwhile, as an invitation to prospective members who may be passing by. 
  • Even when electronic equipment is turned off, it still draws power when it’s plugged in. Trim your energy usage by unplugging everything from computers to treadmills when closing for the night. This may take extra time, but it will pay off on your next utility bill. 
  • Plastic water bottles are the bane of the environment. Give your members an easy and appealing alternative by offering filtered water. Then, sell your own reusable branded water bottles. Voila! Free advertising. 
  • Change to chemical-free cleaning products and practices. 
  • Trade out traditional incandescent bulbs for longer-lasting, energy-efficient options, such as LED bulbs, CFLs, and halogen incandescents, can save money for your fitness business in two ways: both in terms of energy usage and replacement costs. 

If and when you’re ready, more intensive upgrades may include switching to solar (or human) power and replacing flooring with sustainable options like bamboo and recycled rubber. 

Ultimately, while there are certainly upfront expenses associated with embracing sustainability, they can also be thought of as an investment — in your business, your members, and the planet. Just make sure to get the word out. The more your community members (and prospective community members) know about your eco-friendly initiatives, the more easily they can get behind them. 

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