Wearables Win Again: Five Top Fitness Trends We’ll See in 2020

The fitness industry is a fast-moving one. Keeping up with the changes can mean the difference between success and failure for today’s fitness businesses. Wondering what’s on tap in the year ahead? Here’s a closer look at five trends to expect in 2020.

1. The wearables reign will continue.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently released the results of its annual global survey of top trends for the coming year, and wearables claimed the top spot. 

Said ACSM Past President Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D., PACSM, who was lead author of the survey, “Wearable tech has become ingrained in today’s culture, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Tech advances have made it easier than ever for users to collect important health metrics and work with fitness professionals and health care providers to improve exercise efficiency, develop healthy lifestyles, manage chronic diseases and, ultimately, increase quality of life.”

2. HIIT will see new life. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) claimed the second-place spot in ACSM’s survey. While conventional HIIT workouts aren’t going anywhere soon, variations are also popping up, especially in today’s hybrid fitness class-friendly landscape. One type of HIIT workout picking up in popularity is yoga HIIT, which combines a quick burst of HIIT with dynamic yoga poses. 

Concludes Glofox of this new and exciting form of exercise, “This time-efficient workout allows you to get the best of both worlds, achieving a serious calorie burn while simultaneously lengthening and stretching your muscles. This class is a fantastic option for people who are struggling to find time to meet all their fitness goals. It may seem like a novelty, but we predict this class will be around for a while!”

3. Plant-based eating will pick up in popularity.

Keto, intuitive eating and intermittent fasting may be some of the biggest buzzwords in the diet world, but when it comes to nutrition, plant-based diets are having a major moment. In fact, it’s predicted that just 40 percent of the global population will eat meat by the year 2040. 

As more celebrities and athletes adopt plant-based lifestyles, fitness business members will be turning in this direction, too. And while nutrition may not technically fall under the auspices of fitness, the two are increasingly intertwined given the paramount focus on comprehensive wellness. 

Table filled with vegetable dishes.

4. “Workouts for the soul” will gain traction.

Speaking of comprehensive wellness, mindfulness and mental health are both expected to take center stage in the year ahead. Says Metro of the trend, “More studios are now prioritizing spiritual wellbeing and ways we can nurture the soul and 2020 will be no different, with studios expanding their offerings beyond traditional exercise to therapies like cryotherapy, meditation, breathing, massages, and flotation tanks.”

5. Group workouts will dominate.

Group training claimed the third spot in the ACSM survey, while Metro also featured group workouts as a 2020 trend. “The way we socialize with friends and spend time with work colleagues will change, as we begin to see workouts replacing happy hour and team lunches being replaced with team outings to a spin or trampoline class.” 

In other words, there is no longer a separation between socialization and exercising. The integration of the two are uniquely symbiotic, while also representing new opportunities for fitness businesses able to capitalize on interest in this type of programming. 

Of course, members benefit too.  “Working out increases team bonding, productivity and improves culture and we’re seeing studios embrace this trend – with group sweat classes such as The Foundry and Sweat It, where you collectively train and burn off calories as a group,” continues Metro. 

This is just a small sampling of what to expect in 2020 in the fitness industry. While embracing all of these may not make sense all health clubs, adopting the programming that makes sense for your fitness business and fitness business community can help you come out ahead. Looking to boost your member recruitment and retention by getting onboard the wearables wagon? Request a demo today to learn what Accuro can do for your fitness business.