Accuro, an Illinois based heart rate technology company has announced a unique integration with Bearn, an engagement engine that financially rewards users for a series of verified wellness behaviors.

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Accuro’s industry leading monitoring platform uses ANT+ and Bluetooth technology to track key metrics in real-time wherever users workout, creating a true hybrid exercise experience. The integration with Bearn displays live workout data on in-gym displays or in the Accuro mobile app, converting calories burned into Bearn dollars that can be redeemed for merchandise from over 4,500 retailers that includes 5000 Lifestyle Merchandise items, 900,000 Top Travel Destinations from around the world and 500,000 Local Deals throughout the US & Canada in the Bearn Marketplace. Bearn and Accuro plan to curate an Accuro specific Marketplace to drive engagement with personal training and coaching or other location-specific offerings of fitness partners. 

In addition to the rewards, users get improved health monitoring capabilities through Bearn’s body scan and face scan features, allowing members to assess their wellness and health indicators such as heart rate, metabolic risk factors, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, along with body dimension, composition and more.

The innovative approach of Bearn’s partnership with Accuro addresses the undeniable engagement gap between available wellness tools and the eligible people they are designed to help. The potent combination of extrinsic and intrinsic motivators brought forward by Bearn and its partners represents a game changing paradigm in the effort to improve wellness.

“We are extremely excited to launch the Bearn engagement SDK to further drive gamification and rewards around health and wellness achievement. Our partnership allows members to earn ubiquitously across platforms in-club and within the framework of the members daily life. We will continue to integrate rewardable behaviors like hydration and mindfulness as well as branded partners,” said Aaron Drew, Founder and CEO of Bearn.

Accuro will now provide access to the combined solution to their mobile app users and by the end of the month, begin offering key white-labeled partners the Bearn engagement platform. 

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Bearn on this integration within Accuro. The partnership will bring a whole new dynamic to heart rate based training, as well as uniquely reward the clubs and their members that are participating in the program. There is nothing else like it in our space and we look forward to continuing to build and grow with Bearn, all while providing the best heart rate training solution on the market,” said Aaron Eisberg, CMO of Accuro.

To try Bearn out for yourself, you can download the Accuro mobile app and subscribe to Bearn utilizing a Free Trial. Sign up today and start earning when you burn!