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The video above is short micro-learning session I recently did with the FBA. It goes into a bit more detail on what you can read below and explains things a bit more. If you want to learn how to really use heart rate technology, check it out. It will be worth your time!

Technology is NOT a solution on its’ own…

Heart Rate Training technology, just like most technology, is only as useful and valuable as you allow it to be. Technology can change how your fitness business operates (and generates revenue), both positively and negatively.

Problem:  Assuming the technology is going to do the work for you.

Solution:  Teach and train to heart rate. Utilize the technology to ultimately help your members reach their goals, utilizing data and real-time feedback.

Trainers and Staff NEED to buy in…

If your trainers and staff don’t buy in to heart rate and the benefits of heart rate, neither will your members.

The clubs that do this very well, incorporate heart rate into their programming.

  • Zone Training
  • Zone Recovery
  • Intervals
  • Heart Rate Recovery

Combat Objectives

“I already have a FitBit, why do I need another heart rate monitor?”

“I just want to lose weight, why do I care about my heart rate?”

Measure Progress with Clients

The proof is in the pudding (as they say)

If you regularly measure the progress the data shows over time, your members will see the benefits of the technology you have implemented.